In 1905, Canadian Forces Base Petawawa was established in response for the need for a training range for larger guns with a greater range of fire. A variety of  Regiments and Units have called Camp Petawawa home: the Canadian Airborne Forces (CAR), Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR), The Canadian Guards, 427 Tactical Helicopter Squadron (427 THS), the Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD) and most recently the Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR).

The stories of some of these and other illustrious Regiments and Units, and the men and women who have proudly served Canada are told in the Garrison Petawawa Military Museum.


Looking for New Acquisitions

The Museum considers new acquisitions when they meet our collections policy. If you have items you would like to donate, please contact the Collections Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Each artifact is assessed to ensure it meets our mandate. Please provide as much information as possible when donating, including the history of the item, the person who owned/used it and how you came to own it. All of this information is kept within our system for use in future displays and research.

Museum Mission:

The mission of Garrison Petawawa Military Museum is to collect, preserve and interpret the history of the individuals and units of the Canadian Armed Forces in Petawawa since 1905.

As a rule, the museum should hold no more than three identical objects, unless they are significant to the history of Garrison Petawawa or any individual or units having served there.The following points will be considered when acquiring artifacts:

  • The provenance (history of use) must relate to the mission of Garrison Petawawa Military Museum. If the artifact is not of interest to the Garrison Petawawa Military Museum, the Museum reserves the right to refuse the gift, but may suggest alternate repositories.
  • The condition of the artifact must be considered when acquiring artifacts. If the artifact is of historic interest but is in such fragile condition that the Garrison Petawawa Military Museum cannot provide adequate care, the donor will be directed to a suitable institution.
  • Proof of legal ownership is of primary importance. All donors will be required to sign a certificate of gift stating that they are the rightful owners of the artifact(s), enabling the Garrison Petawawa Military Museum to assume legal and valid title to, or custody of the artifact(s).
  • The cost for conservation, storage and display must be considered when acquiring any objects. An object that may require significant monetary expenditure, or require exorbitant amounts of staff time and expertise, may be refused. If the object is of significant historic interest, the donor may be directed to another institution that may have the necessary abilities to care for the object.



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