Our Museum

The Garrison Petawawa Military Museum is home to three main artifact collections. Each of these collections come together to give our visitors an informative and entertaining overview of Garrison Petawawa and how we fit in to Canada's Armed Forces today.  A visit to the museum is a great family activity for people of all ages to enjoy! 

Garrison Petawawa Collection

Discover how Camp Petawawa came to be and learn about many of the important events that have taken place here over the years. Wander through our unit displays and learn about their histories as well as how they are part of today's Canadian Forces.

Garrison Petawawa Museum Collection

Canadian Airborne Forces Collection

Take a journey through the history of parachuting in Canada and learn about an exciting aspect of Canada's Armed Forces!

Canadian Airborne Forces Collection

Canadian Guards Collection

Though the Canadian Guards were only active from 1953-1970, they have a rich and prestigious history that includes being the only regiment to call Petawawa their "Home Station".  

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Canadian Forces Base Petawawa Military Museum is to collect, preserve and interpret the history of the individuals and units of the Canadian Armed Forces in Petawawa since 1905.

Our Vision

The Museums will serve as a positive influence in the community, broadening the scope of knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. The Museum will enhance the quality of life of our community through the delivery of activities and events that promote an understanding of the contributions and sacrifices of our military forces. The Museums are an important public relations tool of Garrison Petawawa.

  • To provide an educational and fun experience to our clientele, whether they be military or non-military, a child, educator or a senior;
  • To provide a high standard of customer service to our clientele in a pro-active and positive fashion;
  • To care for the collection
  • To ensure that we are exceeding the requirement of preservation, thereby ensuring our continued ability to maintain public trust, and
  • To continue to strive for high professional, ethical and moral standards in all that we do.


Garrison Petawawa Military Museums provide a wide range of programs and services:

  • Archival services
  • Group Tours
  • Visitor services
  • Volunteer development
  • Fundraising
  • Community enhancement

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